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How to Tell Which Cannabis is Good Quality


What defines high quality cannabis? Although this question poses a seemingly insignificant answer to people who don’t smoke weed; For those who are regularly purchasing cannabis, high quality marijuana is an aspect that calls for significant concern.

To determine a high quality cannabis flower from a low quality flower, you need to engage more than what the naked eye sees. Factors like the smell and feel of the weed play a considerable role.

Gone are the faithful brick weed days, which were notoriously known for posing a massive threat to human health. Low quality weed, while the price is attractive, does more damage than good for your body.

With more places legalizing weed worldwide, more growers are focusing on healthy produce at a much higher price than the price of dirt weed.

What Do High Quality Buds of Cannabis Look like?


To determine good quality weed, you need to look for a few visual aspects. Typically, all top shelf weeds have a deep green colour with a few flakes of orange and red. Depending on the quality of the weed, some might have a bright blue or a deep purple hue. Generally, all good weed is visually appealing, unlike low quality weed which has a very dull appearance.


Apart from the colours, another way to ascertain the weed quality is to look for visible trichomes. These are the tips that you can see on your cannabis buds. All good quality marijuana has frosty visual tips. Veteran cannabis consumers believe that the more frosty tips you can see with your naked eye, the better the overall quality of the weed plants.

The potency of the cannabis flower is determined by the amount trichomes you see. If you think your eyesight isn’t doing you justice, get a magnifying glass and look for the trichomes up close.

Flower structure:

Good quality weed has a specific build that gives them their fascinating shape. You need to consider the strain of cannabis to determine good quality buds. Generally, sativa strains are fluffy and light compared to the indica strains, which tend to have very dense buds with a very tight structure.

However, regardless of the strain, poor flower structure typically indicates low quality cannabis. A top shelf flower will have many frosty appendages, which exhibit very potent buds.

Additionally, if the cannabis flower is very hard, it can be a sure sign that the cultivators have used plant growth regulators. This gives the weed a very unpleasant taste. On the other hand, if the cannabis plant is super fluffy, there is not enough light for the plant, affecting the overall quality of the cannabis flowers.

Good quality flowers come in many different sizes and shapes, so an overall look at what defines good cannabis quality is crucial.


It is a well-known phenomenon among cultivators and consumers that good weed has a very distinct smell that can only be described as the marijuana musk. According to research, an excellent smelling flower of the cannabis plant indicates a significant amount of terpene.

Indica strains typically have a chocolatey fragrance, while the sativa strain mostly leans towards citrusy taste notes.


High quality cannabis has a sticky feel to them. When you squeeze it, it should feel spongy. This indicates top shelf weed that comes with a high concentration of therapeutic potency.

Ethical cultivation:

Another critical aspect that defines the quality benchmarks of high grade weed is how the cannabis plants are cultivated. A properly cultivated flower will have all the health benefits and the look, feel and aroma of top shelf good weed.

Qualities of Bad weed:

  • There’s no distinct musky cannabis smell or aroma. Bad weed can sometimes smell like hay or grass.
  • A very high amount of cannabis seeds and stems is in plain sight. Excess stems may also be sticking out of the buds, which is not a good sign of properly cultivated cannabis quality.
  • Bad weed plants have inferior looking flowers when compared with top shelf cannabis plants
  • The flower structure of the bad weed looks mangled with a loose structure
  • Low grade weed has an off smell that is where near the distinct musky cannabis smell
  • Bad weed is cultivated using synthetic fertilizers, which can pose a lot of threats to your health

More Tips on Finding the Best Weed Quality:

If you have access to a dispensary, try to buy your weed from these places instead of illegal dealers. You can quickly determine which weed is good and bad through its shelf system in a proper establishment. The top shelf ones are usually high quality cannabis.

Expensive weed is not always a primary indicator of good weed.

Best weed flowers are typically the ones that are hand trimmed and not machine trimmed. Hand trimming is preferred to preserve the density of the buds and the trichomes, which are crucial to the quality of the cannabis flowers.

Contrary to popular belief, sky high thc concentration is not a sure sign of good weed. In fact, if the THC levels of the weed show more than 20%, you need to double-check with your dealer.

THC potency at up to 10% is enough to get a good high, unlike thc levels which pass the 20-30 mark, causing intoxication.


Always makes sure to keep a check on the shelf life of your weed. Mouldy weed typically looks and smells like expired bread or cheese, so get rid of them as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that you should be able to choose which type of weed suits you best regardless of the features. The trick is to find the perfect composition of weed potency that works for you because weed’s effects are unique and vary from person to person.

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