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The Mellowing Magic of Indica Strains


Looking for the kind of flower that mellows you out, helps you relax and gives you a soothing body buzz? The many Indica strains of weed available on the market today are probably just right for you! Known lovingly by many as “in da couch” for its sometimes tranquilizing effects, indica strains of weed have a number of amazing potential health benefits, along with increasing your dopamine levels to ride a mellow wave of total peace and calm. Completely pure indica strains can be elusive to locate, with most weed sold these days being some form of hybrid. In this article, we’ve rounded up the most common predominantly indica strains users enjoy today. 

What Exactly is an Indica Strain?

Maybe you’ve already learned about the vast varieties of cannabis flower strains out there. If not, here’s a brief recap. An indica strain means that it is a variety of the indica cannabis plant, which is usually a shorter, darker, and denser plant than its sativa counterpart. 

With weed, there are three main classifications: indica, sativa, or hybrid, which is any variety that mixes aspects of the two. While sativa and sativa-dominant plants tend to be great for daytime use because they’re energizing and uplifting, indica flower is usually best consumed in the evening, when users are looking to unwind, enter a state of total calm, enjoy some munchies, a movie and relax. 

Considerations Before Toking Up Indica 

There are a few considerations to make before sparking up indica bud. Tolerance, dosage, setting, body chemistry, medical history, and your desired mood or effect are all key factors to determine what the best indica strain is for you to consume. If you’re worried about indica making you sluggish, ravenous, or comatose for example, then bringing it to enjoy at a lively dinner party may not be your best bet. But if you’re at home with your partner cooking a nice meal, lighting a candle, and curling up on the couch for a movie to unwind before a big work presentation the following day, then indica could be just the ingredient needed for a calm night at home. 

Five Most Common Indica Strains

Grandaddy Purple

Particularly on the West Coast of North America, Grandaddy Purple is one of the most popular indica strains known. It’s also one of the best-known “purple” strains. An indica hybrid that combines the Purple Urkle and Big Bud strains, this indica strain is perfect for nighttime use, as it gives a powerful high right away and quickly mellows into a smooth body buzz like most stronger indicas do. Because of the strength of this bud, we’d recommend you start with just one or two tokes (plus your popcorn, movie, and couch ready) and take it from there. Users report the flavour being a rich grape berry mixed with some earthiness. 

Northern Lights

As another one of the most sought-after and famous indica strains out there, the origin stories of Northern Lights remain murky, though we know it is a cross between an Afghani and Thai landrace. Since 1985, users have sought out this indica strain for its happy, sleepy, relaxing effects. With a sweet, spicy pungent aroma and flavour, many users love it for its ability to help with insomnia, appetite, pain, nausea, and anxiety. Users lovingly refer to this strain as a “two hit and quit” strain for its strength. Northern Lights is regarded as one of the purest indica strains known in existence. 

Hindu Kush

An original landrace strain originating in Pakistan and Afghanistan that helped to popularize cannabis globally, Hindu Kush is known to bring great relief to people suffering from stress and sleep disorders, as well as pain and nausea. Known for its highly sedative, almost narcotic properties, Hindu Kush has a slow-mounting high, which can be inviting for beginners. Many users report feeling incredibly relaxed and “in da couch” from this OG indica strain. Because of the hardcore body stone, this strain is not recommended for daytime use. 

Bubba Kush

A powerful 80% indica hybrid, Bubba Kush is a classic indica strain that provides users with a nicely sedative high, with users reporting it mellow enough to relax but still function. For this reason, this indica strain is recommended for nighttime or lazy daytime usage. With rich coffee and chocolate flavours, plus some dank, peppery, spicy undertones, Bubba Kush fans report loving the taste of this flower. 


The winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2000, Blueberry is now a household name for flower connoisseurs. And there are plenty of reasons why Blueberry remains such a common indica strain. The buds of the Blueberry plant develop gorgeous deep purple hues while growing, and it also gives off a mouth-watering robust blueberry scent. Users report a very relaxing and euphoric effect from smoking Blueberry. If you’re looking for restorative relaxation, a deep sense of peace, and a good night’s sleep, this powerful indica strain is right for you. Start slow, as it is incredibly potent with a THC level of 24%. 

Final Thoughts

Indica strains are worth exploring for their calming, relaxing, euphoric effects known to help with appetite, depression, insomnia, pain, and anxiety. If you’re searching for an all-natural method of unwinding after a long day, indica strains work wonders as a soothing stress relief. Speak with your local dispensary to find out if they carry these strains. Tier1 is ready to meet your cannabis needs! 

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